Horse Riding 03

Riding for Novices

What’s you first impulse when you see these majestic and graceful creatures called horses’? To touch them? Make sure they’re real? Or maybe to ride them? If your choice is the latter, but you are a complete novice in that, welcome to our guide of horse riding for beginners!

• If a horse is being aggressive and intolerant towards you, try to walk in a straight line towards it. Some horses like Horse Riding 02being approached in an arc. Avoid making eye contact and make sure the horse notices your direction.

• Problems with mounting the horse? Is the horse moving? Let it be. Just find a balanced point. Don’t try on forcing steadiness on the horse; instead try to push gently into moving in the direction preferred by you.

• If there is a sense of uncomfortableness when riding, try the classical posture of riding. The rule is – a straight line should be possible to draw through a rider’s shoulder, ear, hip, and heel.

• Problems with stopping? Well, sorry to tell you this, but the horse doesn’t stop for good’s sake’ as you were just asking it to. In fact, stopping is a combined process, which involves verbal cues, gestures, and rein- movement. Start by calling out ‘whoa!’ then close you fingers, pulling backward on the reins and pushing or pulling your seat deep into the saddle.

• Is the horse getting out of control? Scream for help! Or take the situation under your control by holding the reins and pull so that the head of the horse turns, forcing it to slow down.


• Don’t put up your hands in the air pointlessly. Use them to hold the reins.

• Don’t grip tightly with your legs. That’s making the horse nervous and anxious.

• Don’t stand on your toes. This will automatically make your hands go up, and we will have a grumpy horse as a result.

Horse Riding 02• Don’t ram your feet into the stirrups – this can be dangerous.

• Don’t slouch! You won’t be able to control the horse while hunched.

• Don’t draw up your knees – it’s an additional and pointless tension in your body.

• Don’t let the rein slide or you will lose your control over the horse.

• Don’t hold your breath and relax instead. Riding is not a punishment; it’s a joy.

• Don’t grip the reins deathly or over time the horse will get used to it and you won’t be able to stop the animal when it’s moving too fast or anything.

• Don’t look at the horse, look at the road. You don’t look at the car when driving it, right? Same here.

But above all and everything else, keep in mind that a horse is a living, sensitive creature and needs kind treatment. Love your horse and be kind to it.